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Introducing ME



Here is a place for me to introduce myself. I was born in Iran. Well, that is not my country, but I was born there. Don't worry I don't usually support any country in particular, so it should not matter at all. I speak Persian. I love my country, Afghanistan. I intend to go back someday and help the people there. It is at war and people are suffering from poverty and plus many other causes, which I don't want to put on my page. Otherwise, it would be all politics. So let's see. I'll start with where I first found myself. I studied in Afghan-Turk Friendship college for 2 years. It was a great school, I learnt a lot in that school. I really can't say which teachers I had in that school were great, because all of my teachers were great. I love all of my teachers and I respect them. Because I want to be a teacher someday. Before I forget I have to say that the school was build by Turkish people. The people of Turkey are kind and giving. I'd want to also say that Turkish people were the only nation, who build a school in that destructed country. And oh yes, I forgot, I also know how to speak Turkish.

In 1998, I went to Pakistan to Pak-Turk Int'l Schools and colleges. It was also a nice school. I had many good teachers. All of them willing to teach whenever I went to them. Here is the only place I can show the world how marvelous teachers I had in the past. I thank them and hope them luck. 

Finally, U.S.A. is my final destination for now at least. I am not sure where and what will happen next. 

Here, I am  in Chelsea High School. It is a nice school for the people who wants to study in it. I will put some pictures of the schools I lived in. So please check them.  

An Addendum...I love MATh...It is so cool to study math...hehe..for history students...I am not a good historian...well..i am a good politician...and a good debater...though...hehe...I am not contracting myself.. so don't e-mail me about that...


I am fighting calculate the math...! :-)

It was Pak-Turk's Soccer team....Every one was playing perfect...I have been playing soccer for about more than six years now...hope I am doesn't matter at all *am getting old*


These are the best three...the one not in uniform was my supervisor in the dorm I was living...and we were best friends...I mean, Mustafa Kamal (on the left), Atiqullah Mahdum( beside me..) and me ( on the right..)

And this is the year 1997...I think it was a Saturday... My teachers were leaving, going to Turkey...( Any can find me there.. gets cookie...)...*smiles*

I had two great people in my is Fethullah Karakoc...and Ramazan Inan.. They were very *brotherly* with me...I was a child back then...they were the people who made me what I I am what is a result of being with them...they helped me to be on the right track... Although, apparently, being on the track... was hard for many...



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