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Welcome to AfghanManshur.COM
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AfghanManshur.COM is a site for all the Afghans around the world. Enjoy your visit while you are with us.
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What does Manshur stands for? Find out why did we choose Manshur to describe this site.

In this Section, you will also be introduced to AfghanManshur.COM staff. It is important to know who your engineers are, when building your house. So, it is better to learn who are the engineers of this house of yours.  


Afghanistan is our native land. Therefore, it is our duty to know about its History, Great Men & Women, and more importantly its Present Condition. So find out more about Afghanistan

We owe the Literature we own today to the people who carried and expanded it to date. 

Submit poetries of yours. 

To learn more about Islam, its History, Great Men & Women, How does Islam value Education, Human Rights? Learn more about Other Religions and compare. 

Join a Discussion group, where you can argue about Islam and other religions with other people. 


Of course, fun should always be there, so enjoy. 

It is obvious that many people don't like politics. But if it weren't for the politics we would have had a nice life with the literature and religion we had, so let's defeat Politics. Discuss how you can DEFEAT Politics & Politicians

Enjoy your life chatting to as many people as possible. No matter how smart the computer is, humans defeat computers. 

Although every section has their own Discussion boards, this Message Board is designed to give an opportunity for those who do not want to discuss about any of those matters, and still wish to be heard. Since, talking about Politics, Islam, and Literature needs a level of understanding, the articles you submit are edited before it is published. AfghanManshur.COM has full right to publish the article, poetry, or Biography you submit or NOT. But in this Message Board the messages are not edited, because we believe it will not contain any of the above topics, and so enough tolerance is expected.  


Read and Submit real Stories of yourself, or one that you have witnessed. Other Non-Fiction Stories should be submitted in the Literature Section. 

Your Site, so why not sign its Guest Book?

Link to as many Afghan Sites as possible are available in this Section. Of course, other useful and handy sites are refered. 

Feedback is an important part of this site. Without YOUR CO-OPERATION, this site is just a piece of Trash. Use, and give to get the most of this site. Let us know what do we lack, and give us possible solutions. 


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