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I love this poem, guys, it is one of my bests...hehe

read it, you may love it too, 





    Farid Hussaini (07/6/2001)   



    I am loved, when I despised       

    but despised, when I loved—yet   

    the more I was despised           

    the more I loved                       



    hate and hate, until               

    you find love, for                   

    if you didn’t hate me,               

    you wouldn’t understand       

    what it was to love me       


    deep in the darkness, swim and swim

    until you find where light rests, for

    if you hadn’t swam in that darkness

    what light was? You wouldn’t know


    I understand why?                             

    why and why, for                               

    if there were no “whys?”                  

    I wouldn’t know any answer                


    that is why I ask why?                           

    to learn, what is there that blocks you

    to swim in the darkness, or to hate me?

    what is there—that                                 

    makes you to “not” despise me, for      

    until you, hadn’t                                      

    you wouldn’t know how “despicable”   

    it was to love thee.