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You can submit your poems. It will published under your name here on this page. Click here to submit it. You are welcome to submit poems in Persian, and Turkish. Be reminded that the poem you submit should  to be YOUR poem. 

                                                    PLEASE READ

    I have written all of these poems, and they all belong to my authorization for use of any kind, unless the name of the poet is specified on the right on this page. You do not have the right to make copies of these poems under your name or any other agency. If copies are made, my name should be written on each poem. 

                    Thank you, 

                    Farid Hussaini 


Despised, yet LOVED???       I personally love this poem, read it, you may love it is in ENGLISH

Ey Yaar                                                                                               In Persian

Kash Metawanestam                                                                       In Persian

Rish-ye Derakht                                                                                In Persian

Let's be true "us"

Shine on me, always

It beats and it beats

My star is always there...

As we approach...

Of this Sour Silence...

Broken prayer